How to Apply for Ration Card in Gujarat

Your decision to shift to Gujarat after getting married is really productive as far as your new job is concerned. Though shifting to Gujarat is definitely not going to be an easy job. After all, it’s a different state, with a different lifestyle, language, and for you a different life too, as now it’s going to be your wife who will prove to be the most important change in your life for good I’m sure. Amidst numerous complications, a ration card would be a ray of light in this darkness, for it’s going to sooth your path in various fields ahead.

Ration Card and its Importance

As you might already know, a ration card is an important document that is provided to each citizen in every state including Gujarat with a motive of providing right for grains at a low price. In Gujarat, the operation of providing the ration card is taken care by FCSCA Gujarat   that works under the central government law of food security. The government has parted 3 categories for the same which is BPL (Below Poverty Line), APL (Above Poverty Line) and AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana).

Ration Card – An Identification Proof

Besides saving the high cost for grains and other food products by providing them at a low and a fair price, ration card also acts as an identification proof for the citizens. In fact you can use the copy of your existing ration card to get almost everything in India from new accommodation, income certificate, driving license, to even voter id or water connection. A ration card is a proof of having a permanent residence in the state. In case there is still an uncertainty about your job, then there are also temporary ration cards that can be used for a special time period.

Applying for a Ration Card

Now applying for a ration card in Gujarat is not a cumbersome job. Firstly, you will have to contact your nearest circle office and submit your application form there. The application form needs to be completed with information like name, address, etc. There are a certain important documents that are mandatory for submission which are:

  • Passport Size Photo of family head in attested mode
  • Address proof
  • Deletion certificate of previous ration card (in case of surrender)

Revolution in the Making

Recently, the department has been issuing new bar codes in each ration card through the help of FCS. According to this rule, each family member or any one of them has to give his/her thumb print and passport size photograph. These Fair Price Shops have been set up in each administrative division by the department. I recently got to know that currently there are more than 4 thousand FPS(s) working in 63 divisions, providing services to more than 2 million ration card holders.

Having heard about the convenient working system of Gujarat, I don’t think that there would be any problem in applying for the ration card. But in case it does, then you can submit your complaint regarding your ration card or FPS by calling to ‘1800 233 5500’. Don’t be late in applying for the card.