Where to Download Your AP Ration Card

The big news is Andhra Pradesh is now ready with its 2.5 laths ration cards ready online. The database is complete with the details of holders, who can view and download their details from online. Thanks to the initiatives taken by Andhra Pradesh Civil supplies department, as a resident of Andhra Pradesh, you can now avail all your information about ration card online. As you know, ration card is an important document to confirm your identity as well as address, its online availability can help a lot in confirming your position as a legal citizen of India.

Why was it made online?

  1. The online availability of ration card is aimed at stopping frauds or misrepresentation of civic rights by unauthorized individuals as it is seen that the ration card available in someone’s name is used by one other person in illegal way.
  2. The Andhra Pradesh civil supply department has established several e-seva centers that can help in online correction of names, address, status, and any mistake in the ration card.
  • The provision of transfer of ration card online is also available.
  1. Above all, with the services available from the e-seva centers , you can now effect any correction in the ration card and get a completely updated and new ration card online by downloading a hard copy of it from the website. It is now easy to deal with all the problems, arising from AP ration card.

How can you know the status and download the AP ration card?

You can log on http://www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in/RationCardProcess/UserInterface/SearchRationCardDetails.as and enter the ration card number in the box. You will get the updated status of your ration card and take a print of it.